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Nufree Professional Hair Removal Products!!

Nufree is an anti microbial , wax free botanical hair removal system that is gentle and effective. Nufree has proved to be the best form of liquid epilation for over 30 years by Aestheticians, Dermatologist, and Plastic Surgeons. Nufree is a "non-wax, non-sugar" liquid product that joins with hair oils, NOT the skin.

Nufree Service Center
Provides you with everything you need to begin this revolutionary hair removal process. Everything to start you off performing non-wax hair removal! Deep basket for full body services.
The kit includes:
32 oz. Heater, (2) Jars Nufree 16 oz., (1) Erasing Lotion 8 oz., (1 pk.) Epilating Strips 200-ct., (20) finipil pro/elec Packets 3.6 ml, (2) finipil pro/elec 2.5 oz., (2 pk.) Body Applicators 20-ct. ea., (2 pk.) Eyebrow Applicators 20-ct. ea., Promo Flyers, Client Record Forms, Instructional DVD, Instructional Poster,(5) Paper Collars.

Nufree Large Kit--$269.95

Nufree 9 oz. Servicenter features new heater that is self regulating, has no dial, no basket and heats faster. All stainless well and top and easy to clean. Fits 8 oz. jars.

Includes a 9 oz. Heater with vented lid, (2) 8 oz. Jars Hair Remover, (1) pack Nufree Epilating Strips 100-ct., (1 pk.) Nufree Eyebrow Applicators 20-count, (1 pk.) Nufree Body Applicators 20-ct., (1) 8 oz. Bottle Nufree Erasing Lotion, 5 packets finipil pro/elec, (1) tube finipil Pro/elec 2.5 oz., Client Records Form, Instruction Poster, Promo Flyers.

Medium Service Center--$99.95

Nufree Liquid Hair Remover
Never dries and will not stick to skin, alleviating pain that waxing can cause. Can stagnate normal hair growth in 18-24 treatments. Now in a Single Jar Kit, which includes 100 strips and Finipil Pro.

Single 16oz. Kit--$38.95

Never dries and will not stick to skin, alleviating pain that waxing can cause. Can stagnate normal hair growth in 36-48 treatments. Now in a Double Jar Kit, which includes 200 strips and Finipil Pro.

Double 16oz. Kit--$65.95

Nufree Mini Double Jar Pack
2-8 oz. Jars of Nufree Liquid Hair Remover, 1 pack stripes (100), FREE Finipil Pro

Mini Double Kit--$41.95

Nufree After Treatment Lotion
Used after hair removal and when residue is left on the skin.


Eye Brow Applicators


Body Applicators


Nufree Epilating Strips


Finipil Elec
Formulated for the needs of salons performing any type of electrical hair removal. finipil® cools, shrinks, reduces swelling and protects the empty follicle - keeping it always clean.


Finipil 50 Lait
A maintenance version of the finipil® pro for the client to purchase for daily use at home. To be used after the first two treatments. Complete 60 day supply.

31ml 4pk.--$33.95

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